Business Development for the Biotech Community

Partner Links

Links to a selection of past and present clients and partner organisations
Private company, transforming personalised medicine with leading microbiome science
Sosei group company, world leader in GPCR medicine design and development
Private company, focussed on novel modulators of the inflammazome
Private company, developing small, chemically synthesised medicines, called Bicycles
Medical device company, developing inhalation technologies, acquired by Mundipharma in 2008
Californian-based company, specialising in predictive disease
Private company, building a pipeline of novel medicines based on VH fragment antibodies
Public, Structure-based, drug discovery company
Clinical stage company developing vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases
Private company, developing novel therapeutics for serious diseases including cancer
Private company engaged in discovery & validation of diagnostic molecular biomarkers
Network of Europe's largest biotech cluster
Public, pharma company, developing medicines against major infectious diseases
Private company, regulation of cellular chronological lifespan for age-related diseases
Private company, developing universal metered dose dispensers
Transcription factor decoys targeting resistance mechanisms of superbugs
Not-for-profit, anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance organisation