Business Development for the Biotech Community

Nigel Crockett, PhD

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Co-founding partner, Nigel Crockett, has more than 25 years of commercial experience in the pharma-biotech sector, spanning Europe, the US and Asia, with particular expertise in small molecule and biologicals, in–licensing and out-licensing, early-stage R&D collaborations, medical devices, company financing and acquisitions and a very highly respected worldwide network of industry and academic contacts.

As VP Business Development at Astex Therapeutics, he was responsible for more than 13 major collaboration and licensing deals in a period of four years. To date he has executed more than 40 major, in- and out-licensing deals, totalling $ billions, including several company acquisitions.

Nigel held a postdoctoral position at the Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge University, having obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology from Cambridge University in 1989 and a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Manchester in 1986.

He has also chaired the UK’s BioIndustry Association, Business Development Working Group.

Judith Greenwood, PhD

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Co-founding partner, Judith Greenwood, has spent much of her scientific career in industry, following a successful career in academia, where she was a founding director of the Cambridge University spin-out company, Camphage, specialising in phage-display technology, and a fellow at Murray Edwards (formerly New Hall) College, Cambridge.
Dr Greenwood gained her PhD from Cambridge University, working with Professor Richard Perham and was subsequently awarded the Lloyds of London Tercentenary Fellowship for her work on filamentous bacteriophage. She founded Camphage with Professor Perham and Professor Anne Willis to commercialise this phage work, which was ultimately acquired by Peptide Therapeutics.

Following five years working with Professor Herman Waldman on Campath-1H, Judith joined Acambis (then Peptide Therapeutics) where she was Director of Molecular Biology.